About Bespoke Builds - Clayton Camilleri

We believe people who spend years working and saving up to buy a house deserve a home that doesn't look the same as everybody else's.

Your home should be a celebration of you, your roots and your character. We're makers with a mission, to bring back local craftsmanship and unique, intricately designed soft furnishings back into Maltese houses and spaces.

We use resin casting and resin art to create a diverse range of unique soft furnishings from countertops, lighting fixtures, to wine bottle holders, tiered plates, coasters, tables, vanity units to paperweights.

Our goal when making a product involves two steps:

A) Listen to what our clients want;
B) Create something unique and bold, which fulfills your expectations.

No two homes should look alike, and no two creations made by us are exactly the same.

Portfolio of Work